How to Travel the World and Still Make a Living

How to Travel the World and Still Make a Living

Hop on a plane and explore Asia, spend your days strolling the beaches of Mexico, climb mountains in Canada, or eat authentic Italian pasta in Rome. Why? Because you can! How? Because you work remotely, and you can choose the location of your “office.”

The Nomad lifestyle has been all the rage recently, and we dig it. We’ve rounded up some of the best remote jobs so you can potentially start living the location-independent life you’ve always dreamed of.



(Average salary in U.S. 41k)

If you already have a blog or have always been a natural writer, then blogging may be a good option for you. You’ll have to first build up your audience and ranking, but it doesn’t take much before you can start getting ad revenue. Other ways to monetize your blog are through paid partnerships. Companies will pay you to be the “face” of their brand by being featured on your blog. Companies are also looking for bloggers to contribute to their company blog to boost consumer loyalty.

Social Media Manager

(Average salary in U.S. 49k)

As a social media manager, you’ll help promote the company on their social platforms, create posts on their behalf, engage with their online audiences, track analytics, and brainstorm new strategies to promote their brand. Being a social media manager means being in-tune with all things social (algorithms, SEO, the latest trends, news, etc.) and being able to multitask.


Graphic Designer

(Average salary in U.S. 45k)

Are you an Adobe InDesign master, or love to play around in Illustrator? Then we’ve found your nomadic calling - graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you’ll work with companies on producing anything visual: logos, packaging, ads, and so much more. While most graphic designers will work under a senior graphic designer, they still have creative freedom with their work. Another option is to be a freelance graphic designer, where you are the sole designer for your clients.

Copy Editor

(Average salary in U.S. 44k)

Copy Editors are responsible for reviewing content for whatever organization they’re working for - this could mean proofing newspapers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, website content, and more. Aside from basic editing like fact checking, spelling, and grammar, copy editors need to make sure the content fits the overall tone and theme of the organization. Is the company you’re editing for a laid back brewing company in California? Great! Then the content needs to reflect the casual tone of the company and not sound too formal. Copy editors may also work with graphic designers to make sure the content fits neatly together. Paying attention to detail, working on tight deadlines, and knowing the company’s vibe is a must for copy editing.

Virtual Assistant

(Average salary in U.S. 34k)

Virtual Assistants are just that - assisting someone via the internet. This can range anywhere from emailing customers, handling phone calls, to gathering data and compiling it into spreadsheets. While there’s no degree required to be a virtual assistant, you’ll have to have high-speed internet, a computer running the latest Windows or OS, and a dedicated phone line. As well as a pleasant speaking voice, good vocabulary, and excellent communication skills which are a must!



(Average salary in U.S.43k)

While the term “photographer” is loosely used, you can actually make a great living as a freelance photographer if you perfect your skills. Some freelance jobs include photographing content for brands, photographing destination weddings and elopements, and photographing travel and landscape for travel companies or to sell online. While photography is seen as only a passion to some, to others it’s a creative way to make income.

Online English Teacher

(Average salary in U.S. 48k)

Online English teachers work with students to learn English as their second language. This includes speaking, writing, reading, and comprehending the language. They also help teach their students about American culture and - in some cases - may assign homework and grade papers. A Bachelor’s degree in education or an education-related field is usually required, and depending on where you are teaching, you may need a special certification to teach.


Now, if you’re still dying to try out the nomadic lifestyle but none of these jobs sounded right (or, you just want a job that’s more social) you can still make money while living on the road or abroad.

Find a part-time/temp job

Wherever you are traveling, there are almost always job openings. Find a cafe you love and seem to be going to every day for your coffee - get a part-time job as a barista. Walk into the nearest restaurant and ask if there’s a dish washing or busing position open. Check in with the nearest temp agency on any part-time or contract positions. This way, you get to meet the local people and be immersed in the community, instead of being alone in your camper-van or in your hostel. Plus, you’ll get to hear all the ins-and-outs of the place you’re staying in, so you may learn a few “locals only” secrets! And once you’re ready to move on to the next place, simply put in your notice and hit the road!

Flight Attendant

(Average salary in U.S. 39k)

If you love travel, people, and a fast-paced work environment, then you may just love being a flight attendant. But, bear in mind it’s not all travel and leisure. As your job will be flying, remember what that feels like: crammed into an aircraft with lots of travelers for a long duration. You’ll have to deal with cranky passengers, short layovers, delays, and cancellations. But, if the perk of traveling non-stop is still worth it, then go for it!


Teaching Abroad

(Average salary in U.S. 47k)

Instead of being an online english teacher, opt for the more social choice: teaching abroad. There are so many amazing opportunities for teachers to go abroad, you can pretty much choose whatever location you want to explore and there will be a job opening. You’ll be able to connect with the local students and immerse yourself in a new place, way more than if you simply traveled there as a tourist. Most countries will require a work visa to teach, but not all will require a degree. And with so many locations to choose from, once your contract is up you can easily hop on a plane and head to your next teaching job. Be sure to check out our article on how to find cheap international flights so you can save on your next adventure!

Tour Guide

(Average U.S. salary 29k)

Do you love learning the history of places? Or find yourself giving your friends mini tours when you travel together? Then becoming a local tour guide might not even feel like work to you! Tour Guides must have great public speaking skills and have an extensive knowledge of their destination to answer any questions. These jobs can range from full-time to temporary, so there’s a wide range of available positions. So, if you’re looking to hop around a few well-traveled cities, you better start researching!


Travel Agent

(Average salary in U.S. 36k)

Travel agents help plan trips for clients - this could include help choosing flights, renting cars, scheduling activities, reserving accommodations, and more. These can either be for solo travelers, small families, or large corporate groups. Having great customer service is a must for this job. If you’re wanting to help people plan the vacation of their dreams, then definitely look into becoming a travel agent! Plus, you’ll gather a ton of insight and inspiration for your next adventure.

International Aid worker

(Average salary in U.S. 30k)

As an international Aid worker, you’ll not only experience new places, but make an impact on developing countries. You’ll help set long-term, sustainable solutions to problems, work on fundraising and education, and respond to emergency situations like natural disasters. It’s not for the faint heart, but for those who are wanting to travel the world and do meaningful work, look no further.

Au Pair

(Average salary in U.S. 9.4k)

If you have experience as a nanny, then being an Au Pair is a great option. An Au Pair is a live-in nanny who not only takes care of the children but also grocery shops, does housework, and anything that needs done while the parents are at work. The Au Pair gets room and board in exchange for their work along with a minimal amount of pay.


Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you love to travel. So why not give this nomad life a go and try out one of these jobs for yourself! Those of you who are already employed remotely, We would love to hear your story in the comments below!