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Holiday Gift Guide For Adventurers

Mecca Ray-RouseComment
Holiday Gift Guide For Adventurers

It’s that time of year, and we couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Snow, hot cocoa, sitting by the fireplace--we want it all. But it’s not just about stuffing our faces with cookies and singing Christmas carols; finding the right gift for everyone can be stressful. However, for the adventurers in the family we got you covered. We’ve put together traveler-approved, useful, and thoughtful gift ideas for the explorers in your life to start 2019 adventures with a bang.

Anker Power Charger

For the all-day adventurers who need a portable way to charge their phones so they can keep on taking epic photos and videos on their latest adventure. These super fast chargers also have two USB ports so you can have two things charging at once. They fit easily into any bag or pocket for on-the-go!


These seriously make great gifts for anyone because, well, they Hydroflasks keep things hot or cold for hours. Made from stainless steel, these bottles can take a few hits and be good as new. Plus, they look pretty rad covered in stickers from the latest adventure.

Cabin/Hiking socks

True adventurers will never have enough hiking socks, so get them ready for the new year with some of the best: Darn Tough and WigWam are two of our favorite brands because they are high-quality and come in a variety of thickness to suit any type of adventure. Plus, they have some awesome designs!

National Parks Pass

Are your friends planning a cross-country road trip to visit all of the National Parks? Or do they have a New Years resolution to visit as many as they can in 2019? Then give them the gift they will use all year long--A National Parks pass, also called America The Beautiful. This annual pass covers entrance to all National Parks as well as national wildlife refuges and day use fees at national forests.

A gas gift card

This isn’t as flashy as a Hydroflask or brand new socks, but, this is probably the most useful gift you could give any adventurer (especially if you also got them a National Parks pass!). You can purchase gift cards from any major gas station that they can use on their next road trip.

The Parks Apparel

And, of course, don’t forget to check out our amazing Parks gear for great Christmas gift ideas! Warm sweaters, cozy knit hats, comfy crewnecks, blankets, pins, patches, and stickers. We have it all. We’re also running our 12 Days of Deals, so be sure to check out the amazing sales we have going on for the next few days!

Fujifilm instax mini 90

This is a perfect gift for the person who takes great photos...on their phone. And then they just sit on the camera roll. Pentax cameras instantly print your photos so you can share the memory with friends or hang them up on your wall after your adventure. Plus, they are pretty compact so they can easily be packed into a daybag.

Travel journal

These travel journals aren’t your cliche ones with a travel inspirational quote on them. Let’s be honest, you get those for people and they put them in the bottom desk drawer. Journals are actually a really intimate thing for travelers, which makes it a surprisingly hard gift to do right. So, our favorite journals that we know every adventurer will love are Moleskine Voyageur Traveller’s Notebook and The Travel Journal by Wandrd. Moleskine’s notebook is filled with colored tabs to help organize your thoughts and has a section for contacts and itineraries. Wandrd’s travel notebook has a series of prompts and features such as universal communication symbols, packing lists, and a world map to guide you through taking note of your surroundings as you explore new places. If you’re wanting a notebook that is pretty much indestructible (say, for the kayaker in the household) then the Elan Indestructible Fieldbook is the perfect gift: completely waterproof and tearproof, the synthetic paper pages are made for the hardcore adventurer. Ink won’t even smudge!

Scratch Map

If the traveler you’re gifting to isn’t a huge photographer but wants something to hang up in their house to show where they’ve been, then a scratch map is the way to go. You can find these maps in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any household’s decor. It’s a great conversation starter for any house party!

AirBnB gift card

For the cabin lovers, weekend adventurers, and the people who just love taking a bath after a long day of exploring, an AirBnB gift card is probably the first thing on their Christmas list. These are also great to give to people who maybe wouldn’t go on a long trip because of not having a place to stay. They never expire and can be given in amounts ranging from $25.00 to $500.00. Give the gift of adventure!

Outdoor blankets

Every adventurer needs a good outdoor blanket. Or maybe two. You can never go wrong with gifting a great blanket, seriously. Our faves are our new Explorer Wraparound blankets. Not only are they so comfy and come in some pretty sweet designs, but they double as a blanket poncho! Talk about multi-functional. Our other favorites are Pendleton wool blankets, Rumpl, and Wooly Mammoth. I mean, who doesn’t love snuggling up under a cozy blanket?!

Travel dog bed with pet supplies

For the dog lovers who wouldn’t go on any adventure without their furry friend by their side, give them something for them and their companion. Travel dog beds are great for long road trips and give their dog a place to hang out while they sit by the lake or relax after a long hike. Other travel pet supplies like collapsible water and food dishes, pet first aid kit, dog packs, and weatherproof booties are great presents for any dog owner. Check out our favorite travel dog bed here.

iPhone tripod and remote

Now, the instagram boyfriend can finally be IN the picture! Instead of having to precariously place your iPhone on a slippery rock as you try and take a timed picture of you and your love at the epic waterfall you hiked to or asking random people to snap a few photos, you can easily set up a portable iPhone tripod and remote. With the iPhone’s camera quality you won’t even need to pack your camera, just the small tripod and remote.

Maps/Forest Maps

I know we all have Google Maps, but it doesn’t come in handy when you’re out of service. Or, if the adventurer you know is always trying to find remote places to go, then forest service maps are a great gift. These detailed maps show every body of water and every forest service road there is, and you won’t have to worry about losing service! They’ll be able to find new places to camp and hidden lakes thanks to your gift. The maps are categorized by national forest, and you can purchase them here.

A Trip Together

Maybe you’re tired of giving materialistic things and would rather give an experience (or a combination of both). So, give them the experience: take them to a National Park they’ve been wanting to see, or to a cabin they’ve been wanting to stay at. Take them camping at their favorite campground, or backpack to a lake you’ve both been wanting to check out. The memories you’ll make together is the best gift of all.


Whether your friends and family are wrapped up in a cozy blanket by a fire, using the gas gift card as they cross state lines into new territory, or are drinking coffee from their hydroflask as the sun rises on top of a mountain, they’re going to take a moment and thank you for making their trip that much better. Like we said - the gift of adventure is the best gift of all. We hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the adventure enthusiasts in your life.

Know of any other gifts to give the explorer in your life? Let us know below!